Monday, April 7, 2008

Player Profile: Matt Diaz

Matt Diaz is definately a top notch Hitter. He will be the main starter for the Atlanta Braves in Left Field this year. Diaz hit .338 last year and .327 in 2006 in limited duty. The Braves are expecting big things from Diaz this year with a lot more at bats. His power numbers should land around the 15 to 20 homerun range with the extra at bats this season. Look for Diaz to have a big season in 2008.


bravesblogger said...

I've liked Diaz a lot too and it's cool to see him full time. I'm waiting to see him come to life but he's solid.

Did you watch the game Sunday? Tex single handedly gives us the win but he's still off to a slow start at .175 and 2 HRs.

I think they'll both come around. I'm just a little impatient because of these one run games we've been losing.

We need to wake up the bats tonight and give Jurrjens some run support!
Glavine was magnificent last night too! Can't believe it. Any way keep the posts coming!

dothanclassifiedads said...

Yep I was half watching the Game Tonight as I was playing poker with some buddies and saw Diaz flopping around the outfield.
He is going to have to hit well to make up for his weak Defensive play but I still really like our team just gotta get out of this funk..